After the Play

After the Play is a multimedia devised performance created through collaborative research by the group of young artists. Performance is based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and in the course of its creation, this myth has been deconstructed and a story about two couples became central – a couple which is connecting and the other which is disconnecting from each other.

What I think everybody needs is a way to say, ‘Where and how can I be in love so that I can live? So that I can live with some degree of peace.’ … That’s all I’m interested in – love. And the lack of it. When it stops. And the pain that’s caused by loss of things that are taken away from us that we really need…” (John Cassavettes)

The performance starts with a question – Are you lonesome tonight? – and goes on to explore fragile relationships of love and romance, closeness and vulnerability, faith and doubt, and possibility that love and art bring miracles into our lives. Can we decide to believe in love in the times of cynicism and loneliness?

Texts by Jean Anouillh, Tennessee Willimas, Vasko Popa were used in the performance.

Director: Ana Konstantinović

Dramaturgue: Ana Đorđević

Set design: Višnja Vujović

Costume design: Tijana Sićević

Video design: Lazar Radić

Sound design: Sofija Jovanov


Persephone – Katarina Dimitrijević

Orpheus – Željko Maksimović

Hades – Nemanja Oliverić

Euridice – Ana Stojanović / Milica Stefanović

Musicians: Ana Đorđević and Nikola Janković

The performance was produced by Eho animato with the support of Belgrade Youth Centre, Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia and Realab laboratory.