Fragments of Disquiet

Multimedia theater performance Fragments of Disquiet takes upon the motifs found in the work of Fernando Pessoa and was created through an exploration process of the authorial team which was conducted in several phases and actively reexamined some of the postulates of the dramatic theater.

The corpus of Fernando Pessoa and his specific methods of works offered starting points for the situations and feelings we attempted to explore scenically.

The topics that Pessoa, i.e. his heteronym Bernando Soares, deals with in The Book of Disquiet are alienation, aloneness of an individual, anxiety, transience, but also the simultaneous yearning for all possible lives, a wish to live life to its fullest. These motifs permeate the fragments of disquiet we explore on the stage.

As a multimedia performing arts piece, the performance implies both the autonomy, but also the cooperation between the authors and all media courses which layer the stage expression. 

Trying to, in the spirit of exploration, always walk on the line, we placed ourselves into the position of a Pessoan man – the man of Modernism – the one between romanticism and postmodernism, the one who finds meaning not in following a simple and clear path, but in constant pursuit, process, decomposition and composition of identity.


Milica Stefanović

Željko Maksimović

Marija Opsenica (voice)

Director: Ana Konstantinović

Dramaturgue and assistant director: Marina Ćetković

Dramaturgue: Tamara Baračkov

Set designer: Višnja Vujović

Costume designer: Milena Grošin

Video designer: Marija Kovačina

Sound designer: Dobrivoje Milijanović

* The translation of The Book of Disquiet by Vesna Stamenkovic was used in the performance.

Photo: Jovan Nedeljkov